The 7 Biggest Summer Haircuts of 2022

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It’s that time of year when wading through buzzy summer haircuts in search of a new look is only natural. “Summer is time for freedom and a fresh start,” says Travis Speck, a senior hairstylist at Suite Caroline in SoHo. “A hair refresh activates self-expression in new beginnings.”

If the warm weather is inspiring you to lose a few strategic inches for some new shape and movement, you’re not alone. “In the heat, chopping some hair can be invigorating and reinventing,” says fellow pro Dhiran Mistry. It could be something radical, like a full chop or a graphic new silhouette, or something a bit more subtle, like a new set of layers or face-framing ringlets. “A haircut that embraces natural texture is effortless,” says Speck. “You should be able to run out the door and let your hair fly in the summer breeze.”

Whether that inspires a curtain of fringe, a gamine pixie, or a transformative new bob is up to you. Here, industry pros present an array of It girl-approved summer haircuts to consider before your next salon visit.

Wolf Cuts and Shullets

Iris LawPhoto: Getty Images

According to Dhiran Mistry, who splits his time between New York City and Charlotte, North Carolina, the lines between the mullet, shag, and TikTok-popular “wolf cut” are continuing to blur in new and exciting ways. On one end, there’s the shullet, which is a soft mullet, and then there’s the more graphic high-low mullet, as seen on Iris Law and FKA Twigs. “There’s definitely an evolution happening where it’s getting shorter around the hairline with still some length at the back,” says Mistry, adding: “I say evolution as most hairstylists will adapt a look to suit a person’s hair texture and their style in general.”

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