The 14 Best Plus-Size and Size-Inclusive Fashion Brands for Women 2022

To this day (in 2022, no less!), finding the best size-inclusive clothing still requires dedicated internet sleuthing and a good amount of deep-diving on Instagram. Only recently have fashion brands—newer indies, for the most part—started to embrace bodies beyond size 12 to 14 measurements, and though notable strides have been made, we’re still waiting for the day inclusivity is the norm.

What’s worth celebrating, however, are the brands that have dedicated themselves to creating beautiful, well-fitting clothing for all bodies. Below are the 14 best fashion brands with inclusive sizing we couldn’t help but fall in love with and know you will, too. From household names (now venturing into extended sizing, finally!) to independent labels that prioritize plus-size styles, here’s our list of places to shop, now.

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