The 12 Best Four Seasons Hotels Worldwide 2022

On March 21, 1961, Sharp debuted the Four Seasons Motor Hotel with a simple philosophy on hospitality—treating each customer as a special guest, be it a member of the royal family or a celebrity. Sharp opened two more Four Seasons in Canada before setting his sights on international expansion. In 1970, the first Four Seasons London opened. At the time, most hotels in the region were fussy and grand. Sharp’s vision for no-frills quality lodging with highly personalized 24-hour service was a breath of fresh air and instant success. 

As Sharp began to open more lodgings in San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington D.C., the Four Seasons became a pioneer of luxury hotel innovation. In fact, it was the first brand to place toiletries (shampoo, soap, blow dryers, etc.) in bathrooms and twice-daily room cleaning. In 1986, The Four Seasons opened in Dallas with a spa–a service hotels in North America had never seen before. In 1996, it launched the brand’s first website, and by 1999, it was accepting bookings online. In 2014, the brand revealed a series of private homes. Some Four Seasons properties have these adjacent residences, which bring the brand’s concierge services to homeownership. 

Today the Four Seasons is a beacon of opulence that puts the customer first. Want to experience all that they have to offer? Book a stay at one of the following locations; they are 12 of our worldwide favorites.

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