The 11 Wildest Celebrity Airport Outfits of All Time

Over the past couple of decades, the airport has become a place where celebrities will almost certainly be photographed—especially at the likes of LAX or JFK. They’re all well aware of this, and many dress accordingly because their photos are inevitably going to be splashed across the photo agencies, and subsequently the internet, in a matter of hours.

The thing about calling an airport outfit “wild” or “controversial” is that they’re shocking for the airport, but not always for other occasions. Taking a long flight in something even remotely uncomfortable can feel like torture, but many celebrities travel in things like leather miniskirts and ultra-high platform heels, for example, like it’s nothing (although we shouldn’t be surprised if some of them change clothes before departing or upon arrival).

I find over-the-top celebrity airport outfits to be fascinating so I studied tons of past looks to bring you the 11 examples that can best be described as “wild” (again, for the airport). Scroll to see for yourself and to shop pieces that are a bit more practical for a flight.

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