The 10 Best Historical Fiction Books of 2023

IDK about you, but my book choices tend to be all over the GD place. Sure, I love a

great fantasy novel that totally transports me to another world, but I also love a captivating non-fiction book for more ~educational~ vibes. But then sometimes I just want something kinda in between, ya know? Enter: historical fiction.

To quote the great lyricist Hannah Montana, “you get the best of both worlds”—a gripping fictional story that’s set in the midst of real-life events, sprinkled with some (usually pretty interesting) historical facts. And the really great thing about historical fiction is no matter how many books have been written about any one event in history (like, let’s be real, there are already a zillion and one books about WWII), historical fiction stories offer the creative license to spice things up and show you a completely new perspective.

I know we’re only a few months into 2023, but there are already absolute bangers of new historical fiction books that have come out this year, and they need to be added to your TBR list ASAP. From a family saga starting in the Russian Revolution to, yes, some WWII-era stories, here are 10 new historical fiction books to check out.

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