The 10 Best Boy Smells Candles Worth Buying in 2022

Sexy, sensuous, one of a kind: these are some of the first words that come to mind when we think of Boy Smells candles.

When the brand officially launched in January 2016, Boy Smells offered six gender-non-specific scented candles on its official website. In the years since it’s added dozens more to the range—as well as Unmentionables intimate wear and the Genderful Fine Fragrance collection—at a seemingly breakneck pace. With no signs of its fire (or more aptly put, flame) burning out soon, it’s safe to say that the Boy Smells brand is as hot as ever.

Known for its sleek branding and packaging, covetable collabs, and most importantly its inimitable scents, Boy Smells truly tackles every angle to surprise and delight buyers, which contributes to the brand’s loyal following—yours truly included.

If you haven’t hopped aboard the bandwagon, it’s high time you did so. While we’ve rounded up our picks for the ten best Boy Smells candles below, scent preferences are highly individualized, so we recommend trying out a few to get the perfect pick(s) for you.

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