Take a Look at Every Age Mandy Moore Has Played on This is Us

We have truly watched Rebecca Pearson age like fine wine through the years. 

From schoolgirl to well, death bed, Mandy Moore has played pretty much every age on This is Us. While we are still drying our tears as we gear up for the premiere of the final season on Jan. 4, E! News discussed with Mandy what it was like playing young and old Rebecca, an aspect of the role that “terrified” her.

“About a month before we started production, I got an email from Dan informing me that there was this collective agreement it would be best if I could try to portray this character at 65-plus, and we were going to go through the rigmarole of fittings and prosthetics to see if it would work,” Mandy explained.

“We have so many crazy funny photos I will have to put out—maybe once the show is done—of what Rebecca could have looked like,” the actress noted. “Some were terrifying. I remember the first hair and makeup test. I had a mask on over my lips, over my eyebrows, like they put fake eyebrows on me. I had this really long gray wig. They made her look like she was in her late 90s.”

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