A 22-Minute HIIT and Strength Workout for Your Entire Body

As any trainer will tell you, a solid workout routine includes a mix of cardio and strength training—and this episode of “Good Moves” delivers your daily dose of both in only 22 minutes. Nike trainer Traci Copeland leads us through a workout that offers a combination of high-intensity interval training and bodyweight-based strength training, which, … Read more

The 2021 GQ Fitness Awards: The Best Workout Clothes, Gear, Tech, and Accessories

Best Workout Shirts Best Everyday Tee: Ten Thousand Durable shirt You want your gym shirt to look good, of course. And yeah, it’s gotta be up to snuff performance-wise, too. But more than anything, it needs to be able to take a serious beating: getting snagged on machines, stretched every which way, and run through … Read more

Best Gym Workout Shirts For Men To Buy At Affordable Price – Born Tough

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Pre-Workout Nutrition for Efficient Workout Results

A car functions well with regular gas, but it reaches its optimal state when fuelled with high-octane fuel. Similarly, it would be best to have a pre-workout meal or a supplement to fuel your workout and boost your performance. In addition, pre-workout supplements and foods help to enhance your performance by promoting energy, increasing mental … Read more

Best 10 Minute HIIT Workout at Home with Weights – Born Tough

  The concept of HIIT wasn’t originally meant for the average fitness enthusiast joe at the time of its conception.   Over the years, there has been a lot of development and innovation along with research that shows how effective High-intensity interval training can be, especially for people trying to achieve weight loss goals.   … Read more