16 Best Vanilla Perfumes 2021: Sophisticated Vanilla Fragrances

The scent of vanilla is a sensory relic of pre-teen vanities strewn with lip gloss, Love’s Baby Soft, pink-lace bedding, and locked-up diaries. But while the sweet smell is familiar and cozy—like fresh baked cookies—it has never been categorized as sexy or sophisticated. However, vanilla can instantly transform from plain to complex when paired with … Read more

7 Best Vanilla Candles to Sweeten Your Space 2021

There’s no home fragrance more classic than vanilla. Reminiscent of sugar cookies in the oven, cozy flavored coffees, and sweet perfumes, the gourmand scent adds warmth to any space. It’s also extremely versatile. Depending on the notes it’s paired with, vanilla can become either spicy or sweet—meaning a vanilla candle can create a range of … Read more