Tucker Carlson Is One Week Away From Adding Kyle Rittenhouse to His Family Cell Phone Plan

In the year 2021, it was never going to be enough for the right to simply nod approvingly as Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on homicide and reckless-endangerment charges that could have put him in prison for life, despite the fact that he did, in fact, kill two people. Instead, Republican lawmakers and the … Read more

Tucker Carlson praises Kyle Rittenhouse as a ‘sweet kid’ in a sympathetic new interview

During an episode of the Fox News talk show “The Five” earlier in the month, co-host Greg Gutfeld went so far as to praise Rittenhouse for shooting and killing two “violent, disgusting dirtbags” and argued that he “filled the void that the government left open.” Prosecutors argued that at least one of the men Rittenhouse … Read more

Two Fox News Contributors Quit Over Tucker Carlson’s January 6 Series – Deadline

Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg, two longtime conservative commentators on Fox News, said that they are quitting the network, concluding that “the voices of the responsible are being drowned out by the irresponsible.” They specifically cited Tucker Carlson’s three-part documentary Patriot Purge, which ran on Fox Nation, which they said was “a collection of incoherent … Read more

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Lands First Interview With Kyle Rittenhouse – Deadline

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson said tonight that the “not guilty” verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was “the right conclusion.” Carlson doubtless feels the same about Rittenhouse’s choice for his first post-verdict interview. Fox News Channel announced this evening that Carlson will conduct an exclusive conversation on Monday with the 18-year old Rittenhouse, who … Read more

Chris Tucker Explains Why He Turned Down Friday Sequels

“I never really told people this because I kinda forgot about it.” Friday is an undisputed comedy classic, and it’s spawned several sequels too. New Line Cinema / courtesy Everett Collection But Chris Tucker — one of the stars from the first film, alongside Ice Cube — didn’t return for any of the following movies, … Read more

Fox News Seems to Be Distancing Itself From Tucker Carlson’s Deranged January 6 Show

On Sunday, The Washington Post released a major investigative project on the January 6 Capitol attack, revealing that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies received numerous tips warning of the riot but still failed to prevent it. As is his wont, Tucker Carlson took this personally. The Fox News star claimed that the Post’s … Read more

ADL Calls Tucker Carlson Jan. 6 Series “An Abject, Indisputable Lie,” – Deadline

“I strongly urge you to reconsider airing this program. It has the potential to fuel misdirected anger and unrest,” wrote Anti Defamation League CEO and National Director Jonathan A. Greenblatt in a letter to News Corp co-chairman and executive chairman and CEO of the Fox Corporation Lachlan Murdoch today. Greenblatt was decrying a three-part series … Read more