The Naked Truth About Male Body Image

Fat is a feminist issue, or so proclaimed the title of Susie Orbach’s influential book. For women, it was an empowering statement about taking control of their bodies and addressing the gender imbalance; body image, rightly or wrongly, has become part of feminine identity. It’s a statement that still carries some, well, weight. Because society … Read more

The Truth About Those Olivia Munn and John Mulaney Split Rumors

Despite recent social media speculation that Olivia Munn and John Mulaney may have gone their separate ways, a source tells E! News that the two are “still together.” The relationship between the soon-to-be-parents became a trending topic on social media over the weekend after reports suggested that the couple had broken up. That’s not the case, says the … Read more

The painful truth about caregiving: Your determination isn’t enough to save a loved one

The text with the video attachment landed in the middle of an important work meeting on Zoom. I should have stayed focused on the discussion at hand, but instead I let my finger hover over the image on the screen and then let it tap “play.” My mother, 85 and her mind riddled by dementia, … Read more

The art exploring the truth about how climate change began

Art | Culture and climate change The art exploring the truth about how climate change began (Image credit: Louis Henderson/ Courtesy of the artist) A new art exhibition offers a fuller, more rounded view of humanity’s impact on the Earth – by tracing its link with colonialism. Precious Adesina talks to the artists. I It has been … Read more

Antim: The Final Truth: Salman Khan introduces himself as Rajveer with a new motion poster

Salman Khan never fails to create a buzz in the town especially with his movies. And while it is a treat to watch him on the big screen, his fans have been missing his magic on the silver screen. But the wait is going to end soon as Salman is coming up with the much … Read more

Donald Trump’s “Truth Social” Hacked Ahead Of Official Launch

Hackers from Anonymous created fake accounts on Trump’s Truth Social site just to troll him. “We had a fun time trolling it to high heaven,” one of the hackers told The New York Times. The hackers say they created fake accounts for Trump and his former aide Steve Bannon on Truth Social. They posted a … Read more

Donald Trump To Start His Own Social Media Platform, ‘TRUTH’

After being banned on Twitter, Facebook, and a few other social media platforms, Donald Trump has created his own platform, “TRUTH,” according to People. A message was posted on Trump’s website that stated its mission is “to create a rival to the liberal media consortium and fight back against the ‘Big Tech’ companies of Silicon … Read more

The best way to tell my daughter about my breast cancer? She needed truth.

Statistically, I had a 40 percent chance of survival. Until that moment, I’d accepted those odds as a death sentence. Her question, though, simple and direct, compelled me to make a clear and unequivocal decision: I would embrace my odds and hope for the best. “It’s true that some women die from breast cancer,” I … Read more