Amanda Knox ‘Knows the Truth’ Says Rudy Guede After Prison Release

“I did not inflict the stab wounds. I know the truth and she knows the truth.” The man who was convicted of raping and murdering Meredith Kercher in Italy says he was trying to save the British student’s life — not kill her. Rudy Guede told The Sun, following his release from prison, that Kercher’s … Read more

The Truth About Those Slaps: 15 Secrets From Monster-In-Law

1. A Prolific Period of Self-Discovery When she got the Monster-in-Law script, Jane Fonda hadn’t been in a movie in 15 years. Her most recent film was 1990’s Stanley & Iris, after which she married media mogul and CNN founder Ted Turner and promptly retired from acting. In a 2013 CNN interview, Fonda remembered Turner telling her … Read more

Eren Legend On The Cold Hard Truth

Building a startup is not for the faint-hearted. As a startup, failure is almost inevitable. 90% of startups fail, and according to CB Insights, the prime reason for this is the lack of an actual market need for the product or service, while the second reason is the lack of sufficient funding. CB Insights found … Read more

The Bald Truth About Getting A Hair Transplant

It’s a tell-tale sign we’re getting older. Before the wrinkles come and the back goes, a lot of men start losing their hair strand by strand. Male pattern baldness affects more than half of all men, with one study finding that 53 per cent of us will experience moderate to extensive hair loss by our fortieth birthdays. … Read more

“The One Truth Is, Dad Wins”: Kieran Culkin on Roman’s Journey in Succession

This week’s Succession is a climactic episode of big upsets, pivoting around the Waystar Royco town hall meeting with its employees—an event that is supposed to take employee questions about the cruise ship scandal and introduce Shiv (Sarah Snook) as the company’s new president of domestic affairs. But somehow, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) sabotages it, getting … Read more

The Naked Truth About Male Body Image

Fat is a feminist issue, or so proclaimed the title of Susie Orbach’s influential book. For women, it was an empowering statement about taking control of their bodies and addressing the gender imbalance; body image, rightly or wrongly, has become part of feminine identity. It’s a statement that still carries some, well, weight. Because society … Read more

The Truth About Those Olivia Munn and John Mulaney Split Rumors

Despite recent social media speculation that Olivia Munn and John Mulaney may have gone their separate ways, a source tells E! News that the two are “still together.” The relationship between the soon-to-be-parents became a trending topic on social media over the weekend after reports suggested that the couple had broken up. That’s not the case, says the … Read more

The painful truth about caregiving: Your determination isn’t enough to save a loved one

The text with the video attachment landed in the middle of an important work meeting on Zoom. I should have stayed focused on the discussion at hand, but instead I let my finger hover over the image on the screen and then let it tap “play.” My mother, 85 and her mind riddled by dementia, … Read more

The art exploring the truth about how climate change began

Art | Culture and climate change The art exploring the truth about how climate change began (Image credit: Louis Henderson/ Courtesy of the artist) A new art exhibition offers a fuller, more rounded view of humanity’s impact on the Earth – by tracing its link with colonialism. Precious Adesina talks to the artists. I It has been … Read more