Dwayne Johnson Gives His Personal Pickup Truck Away To Shocked Veteran – Deadline

Dwayne Johnson posted a video of himself yesterday as he surprised an audience gathered to watch his hit Netflix film, Red Notice, on the big screen. Johnson provided free concessions, shoes, tequila, energy drinks and ice cream for all. “I also wanted to do something BIG… something MASSIVE… something unforgettable for one fan,” he wrote … Read more

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gifts his own custom truck to navy veteran – National

More proof that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s heart is as big as his biceps. In a heartwarming video posted to the movie star’s Instagram account Wednesday, Johnson shares how he gifted his beloved, custom truck to a very deserving navy veteran. The Red Notice star, 49, wanted to give back to Oscar Rodriguez after … Read more

Dwayne Johnson gives his own custom truck to ‘proud & humble Navy veteran’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had fans in tears as he shared a moving video of the moment he gave a truck to a veteran as a gift. The touching video, shared on Instagram, shows U.S. Navy vet Oscar Rodriguez reading out a note from the Jungle Cruise star, which read: “Thank you for your service … Read more

Woman Somehow Walks Away From Nissan Folded In Half And Completely Flattened By Semi Truck

“It is beyond words to describe, how someone was able to walk from that car.” A Washington driver who ended up underneath an 18-wheeler in a completely flattened, folded in half Nissan — somehow — walked away from it. Not only did the 46-year-old woman climb out of the mangled wreck herself, she did so … Read more

Tow Truck Driver Saves Mom From Car in Ditch — Then Spots Her Dead Kids Duct Taped in Back Seat

The New Jersey mother, who has been charged with murder, had zip-tied herself to the steering wheel. A New Jersey mother has been charged with murdering her two children after all three were found bound inside her car. Yuhwei Chou, 36, is accused of smothering 7-year-old Samantha Ross and 11-month-old Paul Ross after duct taping … Read more

Lauren Boebert Cites Giving Birth in a Truck as an Argument Against Parental Leave

Last month, the dream of paid parental (and medical) leave in the U.S. died an unceremonious death when it became clear that supposedly-a-Democrat Joe Manchin would not support it, joining Republicans who think women should give birth and then get back to the assembly line an hour later and that men should see their newborn … Read more

6 NYC firefighters suspended after driving fire truck to lawmaker’s office and allegedly making threats over COVID vaccine mandate

Six New York City firefighters angry with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city workers that took effect Friday were pulled from duty and suspended after driving a fire truck to a state Senator’s office and allegedly threatening his staff over the requirement, which the state lawmaker had nothing to do with. State Senator Zellnor Myrie … Read more

Angel Du$t Drop New Single ‘Truck Songs’

Baltimore, Maryland’s Angel Du$t have released ‘Truck Songs’, the latest offering from their upcoming record YAK: A Collection of Truck Songs. Check it out below. “This is one of my favorite recordings of a song that I’ve written,” vocalist/guitarist Justice Tripp said in a press release. “Plus, all my best homies got all up in … Read more

Kathryn Prescott’s twin Megan Prescott can visit New York to see her after cement truck accident

Kathryn Prescott’s twin sister has been allowed to fly to the U.S. to visit her in the hospital. The Skins star’s sibling Megan has been desperate to fly into the country — which is refusing non-US citizens entry due to the current coronavirus restrictions — in order to see her after she was hit by … Read more