Team Training Takes Center Stage in Health tech Startup Wars

It is only when every member of an orchestra understands and internalizes the music piece, will a beautiful symphony emerges. Without this synchrony and team work, there can’t be any pleasing music to the ears. Similarly, the success of a business depends on the combined work of the team members. Therefore, team members must have … Read more

New Insight on How Resistance Training Burns Fat

Findings from a new University of Kentucky College of Medicine and College of Health Sciences study add to growing evidence that resistance exercise has unique benefits for fat loss. The Department of Physiology and Center for Muscle Biology study published in the FASEB Journal found that resistance-like exercise regulates fat cell metabolism at a molecular … Read more

What Are Pyramid Sets? Guide to Pyramid Workouts and Training – Born Tough

If you feel like your muscles are not growing or you are not progressing anymore, it means your body muscles are not responding. They have gone into a state which is called a plateau. In this state, body muscles stop responding or growing because of some reason. In simple words, your routine workout is not … Read more

10 Tips for Your Training Plan

Training plans help athletes set goals and achieve them. Creating training plans from scratch can be difficult and potentially dangerous if you don’t have the proper background or athletic knowledge. Our fitness experts put together their top training plan tips so you can decide what training plan is best for you. What is a training … Read more

How To Start Strength Training for Beginners

No matter what your favorite training modality is, strength training should be a part of your fitness routine. You don’t have to be like The Rock in the gym to reap the multitude of benefits strength training provides such as increasing your bone mass, improving your lean muscle mass, improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength, … Read more