4 Motivation Tips For Songwriters

Making music might be the thing you live and breathe to do, but it doesn’t mean you’ll feel motivated to write and record songs all the time. In fact, you might encounter months-long stretches of time where you’d rather do pretty much anything else more than writing songs if you’re a serious or professional songwriter … Read more

A Hair Guru and Scalp Expert’s 6 Tips for Your Healthiest Hair Ever

Her spirally curls shine with health, and her close-cropped cut exudes effortless cool, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that Bridgette Hill is both a colorist and a certified trichologist. Based in Delray Beach, Florida, Hill is sought-after for helping even the toughest cases love their hair back into soft, shiny silkiness; clients from all … Read more

Tips for Planning a Classy COVID Summer Wedding in Australia

When planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for you as a bride and groom to stay completely informed! and you’re freaking out because you don’t know how to start planning that wedding? And of course, COVID is adding additional stress to an already stressful time. Welcome to the club, you certainly … Read more

How to Layer Jewelry Like a Fashion Expert: 3 Jewelry-Layering Tips

Sure, statement necklaces are great, but have you tried layering jewelry? Stacking together necklaces, bracelets, and earrings wields a certain know-how that all fashion people crave in their wardrobes. Stefy Allen, our VP of Private Client, is always giving our clients tips and tricks on mastering the art of jewelry layering. The good news? It’s … Read more

Interview Tips for DJs From Veteran Music Journalist, Kat Bein – EDM.com

Whether you’re a new DJ on the scene or a veteran music producer, taking interviews about the music you make is weird. It’s uncomfortable and awkward. In fact, for most people, talking about yourself is. In interview settings, it’s not too challenging to see why sharing a homegrown song requires confidence, vulnerability, and even a little courage. … Read more