The Big Bang Theory: Check out the zodiac signs of the main characters of this sitcom

The Big Bang Theory is a show that many people can very easily relate to. It is a show about the outcasts and how they struggle to fit in with their generation. It is a show that deals with the perils of being nerdy. The main characters of this popular sitcom include Sheldon, Leonard, Howard … Read more

Game Theory Boards Tibetan-Language Drama ‘Tenzin’ – Global Briefs – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Game Theory Films has acquired Canadian rights to the Canadian Tibetan-language drama Tenzin. Co-directed by Michael LeBlanc and Joshua Reichmann, the film will have its world premiere at this year’s Tallinn Black Nights Festival next month. Featuring a cast of first time actors, the titular character is a young Tibetan man living in Toronto … Read more

The Medieval Ban Against the “Devil’s Tritone”: Debunking a Great Myth in Music Theory

Music lives deep within us, in the marrow of our evolutionary bones, tapping into “this very primitive system,” says British musicologist John Deathridge, “which identifies emotion on the basis of a violation of expectancy.” In other words, our brains are predisposed to hear certain combinations of sounds as soothing and others as disturbing. When we … Read more

Stephen Colbert Spots Major Flaw In Michael Flynn’s Vaccine Conspiracy Theory

“Now, let me get this straight. Flynn claims that the government’s plan is to sneak the vaccines into American food and their chosen vessel is salad. Really?” Colbert said of the conspiracy theory, which ex-President Donald Trump’s disgraced former national security adviser, a QAnon believer, riffed on during an internet show this week. “You might wanna … Read more