Stephen A. Smith Says LeBron James Should Be Suspended Following Incident With Isaiah Stewart

Roomies, if you thought Stephen A. Smith wasn’t going to speak about the incident that occurred last night with LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart on “First Take,” think again. Things got tense on the basketball court when an altercation occurred due to LeBron swinging his elbow and hitting the Detroit Pistons player hard enough to … Read more

Reigning NBA MVP Nikola Jokic Suspended For On-Court Altercation – Deadline

Reigning NBA MVP Nikola Jokic has been suspended for one game by the league for an altercation that occurred during the Denver Nuggets’ game with the Miami Heat on Monday. As the 6’11” Jokic brought the ball up on a 5 on 4 fast break, the Heat’s Markieff Morris took a run at the 280-pound … Read more

6 NYC firefighters suspended after driving fire truck to lawmaker’s office and allegedly making threats over COVID vaccine mandate

Six New York City firefighters angry with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city workers that took effect Friday were pulled from duty and suspended after driving a fire truck to a state Senator’s office and allegedly threatening his staff over the requirement, which the state lawmaker had nothing to do with. State Senator Zellnor Myrie … Read more

Hockey Player Suspended For Submitting Fake Vaccination Records

NHL hockey player Evander Kane has been suspended after he submitted fake vaccination records. Kane has been suspended for 21 games without pay by the NHL on Monday for an “established violation” of the NHL/NHLPA COVID-19 protocol. “I would like to apologize to my teammates, the San Jose Sharks organization, and all Sharks fans for … Read more

Netflix Reinstates Employees Who Had Been Suspended – Deadline

Netflix engineer Tara Field has been reinstated after she criticized the company’s new Dave Chappelle special on Twitter. Netflix has maintained that her suspension had nothing to do with that criticism, but was rather about Field’s unauthorized attendance — and that of two other employees — at a high-level meeting. “It is absolutely untrue to … Read more

Apple iPad 10.86 inch OLED display development suspended; All you need to know about it

We have been hearing many rumours about the development of the Apple iPad with OLED displays of 10.86 inch and 12.9 inch. However, the development of the variant with 10.86 inch display is suspended by the company. Apple released two new variants of the Apple iPad in this year’s launch event which commenced on 14th … Read more

Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears suspended from conservatorship

A Los Angeles judge has suspended Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears from the conservatorship that’s controlled the singer’s life, career and finances for 13 years. The decision is a major victory for the pop star, who has pushed to remove her father from the court-appointed arrangement.  Judge Brenda Perry agreed with a petition from Britney’s … Read more

Britney Spears conservatorship news: Celebrity reactions as singer’s dad Jamie is suspended

Britney Spears‘ fiance Sam Asghari has praised the singer’s “army” of fans for their support after she was freed from her father’s control after 13 years. On Thursday morning AEST, Jamie Spears was immediately suspended from his daughter’s court-ordered conservatorship following a drawn-out legal battle. Reacting to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny’s ruling … Read more

Britney Spears’s Father Suspended as Conservator of Her Estate

A Los Angeles judge on Wednesday granted Britney Spears’s request and suspended her father as conservator in the legal arrangement that has governed her life for 13 years according to multiple reports. The ruling came just months after an extraordinary public hearing in June in which Spears described at length her desire for greater control … Read more

Jamie Spears Suspended as Britney Spears’ Conservator, Move to End Conservatorship

4:00 PM PT — Britney’s fiancé, Sam Asghari, is liking the outcome of the court hearing … sending her his congratulations. Sam says … “FREE BRITNEY! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!” 3:17 PM PT — Jamie Spears has been suspended as Britney’s conservator and he must turn over all books and records associated with the conservatorship. The judge appointed … Read more