J. A. Bayona Directing Plane Crash Survival Movie ‘Society Of The Snow’ – Deadline

J. A. Bayona, whose credits include The Impossible, The Orphanage, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, has been set to direct Spanish-language disaster movie Society of the Snow for Netflix. Based on the book La sociedad de la nieve by Pablo Vierci, the film is set in 1972, charting the true story of what happens after … Read more

Regular blood tests ‘could improve prostate cancer survival rates’

Giving prostate cancer patients regular blood tests could drastically improve their survival rates, study claims Blood tests could detect whether patient is resistant to commonly-used drug This could allow them to switch the patient to other drugs to treat their cancer Scientists took blood samples from 56 patients with advanced prostate cancer  By Xantha Leatham … Read more

Why Do Women Often Feel Colder Than Men? It’s Survival, Say Scientists

Put one man and one woman in one room with one thermostat and what happens? If the man reaches the thermostat first, he’ll turn down the temperature. If the woman reaches it first, she’ll turn up the temperature. These are not stereotypes, say Israeli scientists in a new study that monitored 40-year records of bat … Read more