Some Popular Sunscreens Lose Effectiveness and Become Harmful During Sun Exposure

During use, some sunscreens offer very limited protection against dangerous sunrays and may even be harmful. Chemical reactions involving a main ingredient — zinc oxide — mean many sunscreens become ineffective after just two hours of sun exposure, according to a new collaborative study between the University of Leeds, the University of Oregon, and Oregon … Read more

Famous Capricorn Celebrities – People With Capricorn Sun Sign

Capricorns aren’t as flashy as Leos or flirtatious as Libras, but these ambitious sea-goats (yeah, that’s their symbol) GET. STUFF. DONE. Ambitious and strong-willed, Capricorns pursue their goals until they achieve them…and more. They’re sometimes called the bosses or CEOs of the zodiac because they thrive when they’re in charge. In fact, ask your boss … Read more

Mixing different sun creams ‘could obliterate part of the protection offered from UV rays’

Mixing different sunscreens could almost obliterate part of the protection offered from UV rays, a study suggests.  Experts found combining ‘chemical’ creams with ‘mineral’ ones which contain zinc oxide reduced the barrier they provide against the sun by up to 91 per cent.     Researchers today issued a warning to consumers about the potential interaction, and … Read more

Anshula on her bond with Arjun Kapoor: We talk about everything & anything under the sun

There are several sibling duos in Bollywood who often share beautiful moments with each other. But one of the most loving and relatable brother-sister duos has to be Arjun and Anshula Kapoor. The two are known to be very close to each other. Now, in a recent interview with a leading daily, Anshula Kapoor opened … Read more