A ‘Succession’ Subplot Has Been Turned Into a Real-Life Soccer Jersey

In season 2 of Succession, the Roy family convenes in Scotland for a surprise celebration of Waystar Royco honcho Logan’s 50th year in the business. The youngest Roy, Roman (played by Kieran Culkin), decides to impress his father by buying Logan’s childhood football club, Heart of Midlothian, who are crosstown rivals to fellow Edinburgh club … Read more

Ouai Hair Products Spotted in Succession Season 3 Premiere

If you watched the season three premiere of HBO’s Succession on Sunday, you probably missed the quick cameo from one of our favorite hair-care brands. Hiding in the background during one of the scenes is a collection of Ouai hair products assembled in a neat line, and the brand’s founder, Jen Atkin, is rightfully freaking … Read more

Succession Season 3 premiere draws the show’s highest viewership ever

After a grueling two-year wait due to COVID-19 delays, HBO’s Succession finally returned, with fans coming back in droves for its biggest viewership to date. HBO revealed on Monday that 1.4 million viewers watched the show across all platforms, a new record for the show, according to Variety. It was also the best premiere night … Read more

Succession Season 3 Is Here to Save TV

God, it’s such a relief. To hear that tense orchestral score. To listen to Logan Roy say “Fuck off,” as if from the bottom of a barrel of scotch. To bathe in the familial venom; to feel, once again, the dense mesh of insults and buried love. To be bothered by the way Shiv’s flyaway … Read more

‘Succession’ Star Brian Cox Sums Up Fox News With 2 Words And A Hand Gesture

“Succession” star Brian Cox took a swipe at Fox News this week, likening the conservative network to “the devil.” The Scottish actor made the sign of the cross while commenting on CNBC Wednesday, promoting the upcoming third season of the HBO hit series, which premieres Sunday. “I don’t even go there,” Cox said of Fox … Read more

Succession star Brian Cox says billionaires like Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos have ‘lost the plot’

‘The last thing this world needs is more spaceships’: Succession star Brian Cox says billionaires like Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos have ‘lost the plot’ Cox, 75, was asked about billionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson on Tuesday He said ‘these rich guys do lose the plot sometimes’  Scottish actor plays fictional billionaire Logan Roy … Read more

Adrien Brody On ‘Succession,’ Playing Pat Riley, and the Dark Side of Winning an Oscar

With time, Brody has gotten a little wiser about what is worth suffering for. By way of explaining this shift, he tells me a story about a movie he made more than a decade ago. Wrecked was a queasy thriller that opens moments after his character suffers amnesia (and worse) after crashing his car into … Read more

Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin & More Sharp Style at ‘Succession’ Premiere – Footwear News

“Succession” fever is in full swing, just days away from the premiere of the Emmy Award-winning show’s third season. To commemorate the occasion, HBO hosted a glamorous premiere party at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. The satirical drama focuses on the rivalries between Roy family siblings Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran … Read more