Grammy-Nominated Albums Spark Cause for Celebration Among EDM Collaborators and Breakout Stars –

It often takes a village to bring a Grammy-quality album to fruition. As the world processed the award show’s recent reveal of their 2022 nominations, many producers and vocalists celebrated the recognition of their work on music’s biggest stage. Though their names may not appear directly at the top of the album credits, today we’re … Read more

Addicted to Marriage: Has Monette’s BF Lost the “Spark”?

Monette may be Addicted to Marriage, but she’s sure not addicted to love.  The star of TLC‘s hit reality series confronts her boyfriend John about the lull in their two-year romance. For the record, Monette knows a thing or two about forever loves: She’s been married 11 times!  “Tonight at John’s birthday dinner, I have a lot of things weighing on … Read more

‘Diet for a Small Planet’ helped spark a food revolution. 50 years later, it’s evolving.

At its heart, “Diet for a Small Planet” holds that universal access to a healthy and sustainable diet provides a global springboard to a better environment, functional democracies, stronger economies and increased social justice. While the concept might seem commonplace today, it was revolutionary at the time. For Lappé, now 77, focusing her research on … Read more

#UnmuteUs Protests Spark Easing of Restrictions for Dutch Nightlife and Festivals –

The #UnmuteUs movement is continuing to grow in scale throughout the Netherlands after over 150,000 took to the streets in the latest round of protests. However, a silver lining has now taken shape. Across 10 different cities, Dutch citizens have voiced discontent with the government’s COVID-19 policies and demanded nightclubs and major events—including festivals—be provided … Read more