SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Civilian Crew Completes 3-Day Mission

After three days in orbit, a physician assistant, a community college professor, a data engineer and the billionaire who financed their trip arrived back on Earth, heralding a new era of space travel with a dramatic and successful Saturday evening landing in the Atlantic Ocean. The mission, which is known as Inspiration4, splashed down off … Read more

Tom Cruise gets a sneak preview from SpaceX’s first private crew

Tom Cruise got a sneak preview of what it’s like to circle Earth in a SpaceX capsule. Representatives for SpaceX’s first privately chartered flight revealed Friday that the actor took part in a call with the four space tourists orbiting more than 580 kilometres up. Thursday’s conversation, like the entire three-day flight, was private and … Read more

SpaceX’s Latest Mission Will Launch Four People Into Orbit

[Follow live updates and news from SpaceX’s launch mission.] One is a 29-year-old physician assistant living in Memphis, a cancer survivor with metal rods in her left leg to replace bones destroyed by a tumor. Another is a 51-year-old community college professor from Phoenix who fell just short of achieving her dream of becoming a … Read more