Film show: Balzac’s biting social commentary comes to life on the big screen

Issued on: 20/10/2021 – 16:07 Taking aim at the press and those who peddle it, “Lost Illusions” sees Honoré de Balzac settling scores within his sprawling multi-volume epic Comédie Humaine.Director Xavier Giannoli has brought 19th century Paris to life for his film adaptation of the novels, with celebrity, advertising and journalism in the crosshairs. Critic … Read more

Done with doomscrolling? Why people choose to quit social media – National

Do you often find yourself doomscrolling on Facebook, spending excessive amount of time on Instagram and watching TikTok videos for endless hours? You’re not alone. As social media apps continue to consume everyday life, more and more users are re-evaluating their time on online platforms. And there is renewed pushback after a damning testimony … Read more


It’s 2020, the pandemic has just started and the trailer for the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Normal People is a hot topic on the internet. I’m sitting in my room anxiously anticipating the series, when the song soundtracking the trailer catches my attention. It’s Orla Gartland’s fittingly heartbreaking single “Heavy.”  Fast forward a year … Read more

Social spending fight may claim progressives’ Medicare expansion

“We have no intention of backing down,” Jayapal said on a call with advocates Tuesday night. Addressing the possibility of fewer health programs in the bill, she said, “A lot of people have asked: ‘Isn’t something better than nothing?’ And the answer, quite simply, is no. Because when it comes down to something rather than … Read more

The Teen Brain and Facebook: The Benefits of a Social Media Break

In the wake of accusations by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen that social media platforms like Instagram can leave lasting negative effects on teenagers, a Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network (BHN) leader explained its permanent impact on young brains. Haugen blasted Facebook and Instagram leaders for creating an environment in which content can demean and depress … Read more

Dave Bautista on His Social Anxiety and Red Carpet Sunglasses

Dave Bautista was glad the trip to Venice lasted only part of the day. His much-anticipated, much-delayed film Dune appeared at the Venice Film Festival in September, though Bautista—flying in from the new Knives Out set in Serbia—attended for less than 24 hours. Got there, did the press thing, flew back. In the Men’s Health … Read more

Olivia Wilde on Making Sustainability Sexy, Freeing the Nipple, and the Importance of a Social Media Cleanse

What are your most cherished “me time” activities and how do you make room for them? Hiking, swimming, reading, meditating, taking baths, being quiet… the opportunity to be quiet. I do consider exercise to be a me-time ritual too. It’s impossible to get all of those things in a day, let alone a week. But … Read more

Esha Gupta’s scintillating topless photos set social media ablaze; Pics inside

On Monday, October 11, actor Esha Gupta took social media by storm with her latest vacation pictures. It seems that the Raaz 3 star has jetted off abroad to spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the showbiz world. While doing so, her bold move of posing topless in the sun … Read more

John Oliver Crafts Perfect Meme For Aging Relatives Who Share BS On Social Media

John Oliver said the problem with misinformation and lies on social media goes far beyond what’s reported. As bad as it is in English, it’s often worse in other languages. False and misleading posts that get slapped with a warning in English will often spread unchecked in posts aimed at immigrants’ diaspora communities, Oliver said. … Read more