​​Wild Digital SEA 2021: These entrepreneurs leveraged the NFT hype, here’s how you can too

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are blowing up around the world, sparking a new way to own both physical and digital assets.  Unlike our government-issued currency which is fungible (where each RM1 is of the same value and therefore interchangeable), NFTs have a unique digital value that you can attach to assets. These assets can be in … Read more

S’pore fintech startup Xfers now leads the payments, crypto space in SEA

Xfers is founded by a group of friends — three computer engineers and one legal professional — Samson Leo, Tianwei Liu, Tianyao Liu and Victor Liew. The seeds of Xfers were planted years ago back when Tianwei worked for a startup in California’s Silicon Valley as part of National University of Singapore (NUS)’s Overseas Colleges … Read more

Italy’s Red Coral Capital Struggles With a Warming Sea

TORRE DEL GRECO, Italy — In the Vesuvius-shadowed outskirts of Naples, between the archaeological marvels of Pompeii and Ercolano, the port town of Torre del Greco has preserved its own age-old heritage: a singular artistry with the Mediterranean Sea’s red coral. But the niche jewelry industry now survives on just a fraction of red coral … Read more

In Central Italy, a Dance Party By the Sea

In 1960, the American-born oil tycoon J. Paul Getty purchased his dream vacation home in Italy. He could have opted for a palazzo in a bustling resort destination like Portofino or Capri but, perhaps unsurprisingly, given his obsession with ancient Rome — his collection of artifacts from the era included rare bronze statues and priceless … Read more

Grab’s services disrupted in S’pore, SEA; customers complain app issues

Users on Singapore’s superapp Grab faced some technical difficulties while using its services today (Nov 16). The technical issues occurred to users in markets including Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. When Vulcan Post tried to order food via the app at 4.53pm, some promotional auto-deductable rebates like ‘Tea Time Free Delivery’ was not applicable at … Read more

How SEA companies can list their IPO on the New York Stock Exchange

A few years ago, Shopee’s parent company, Sea Group, was one of the first SEA companies to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Recently, TDCX, a Singaporean digital customer experience (CX) provider announced it has made it on the NYSE too. Closer to home, MoneyLion’s Foong Chee Mun became the first Malaysian … Read more

SEA Gamer Mall’s company culture, esports growth, and hiring plans

[This is a sponsored post with SEA Gamer Mall.] In 2010, when Tommy Chieng first applied for a job at SEA Gamer Mall (SEAGM), which was founded in 2007, he admitted that he wasn’t even a gamer. At the interview, he also told the company’s founder that their website was far from impressive. He followed … Read more

Coca-Cola, Meta, Sea execs share 6Rs to capture SEA digital consumers

Southeast Asia (SEA) has become one of the fastest digital consumer markets in the Asia Pacific. As observed by Bain & Company, 70 million people — equivalent to the entire population of the United Kingdom — have become digital consumers since the Covid-19 pandemic. This regional growth outpaces that of India, China or even Brazil. … Read more