David Rails On Costars After Tami Roman’s Husband Tries Confronting Him On Real World Homecoming

“This is why they’re my cast mates, not roommates. The fact this bitch gets away with it is mind-boggling.” Tami Roman’s husband Reggie Youngblood husband may have left the house after attempting to confront David Edwards on “Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles,” but the ripple effects from his visit will continue to play out this … Read more

Tami Roman’s Husband Reggie Youngblood Crashes Real World House To Confront David

“The disrespect is real,” exclaimed Reggie as he stormed the house looking for David Edwards. Tami Roman called for backup after a Black Lives Matter conversation with her “Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles” costar David Edwards went off the rails. When the new hour started, Roman was still seething over David’s comments the previous episode … Read more

The Drugs Used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans

Many of us living in the parts of the world where marijuana has recently been legalized may regard ourselves as partaking of a highly modern pleasure. And given the ever-increasing sophistication of the growing and processing techniques that underlie what has become a formidable cannabis industry, perhaps, on some level, we are. But as intellectually … Read more

“The One Truth Is, Dad Wins”: Kieran Culkin on Roman’s Journey in Succession

This week’s Succession is a climactic episode of big upsets, pivoting around the Waystar Royco town hall meeting with its employees—an event that is supposed to take employee questions about the cruise ship scandal and introduce Shiv (Sarah Snook) as the company’s new president of domestic affairs. But somehow, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) sabotages it, getting … Read more

Basketball Wives Tami Roman’s Now Weighs Under 100 Lbs: Fans Say ‘Mystery Illness’!

Basketball Wives star Tami Roman lost nearly 50 pounds recently. Now the 5 for 9 inch tall beauty is under 100 pounds, MTO News has learned. And the sudden dramatic weight loss has many of the reality star’s fans wondering if Tami has a mystery illness. Tami posted her startling new look on social media, … Read more