6 Great Reasons Entrepreneurs Consider Relocating their Businesses –

Moving the headquarters of your business is not a decision to take lightly. A long-distance move might be expensive, affect your capability to expand, and disrupt the operations of your business. So why do most entrepreneurs decide to relocate their companies or businesses? Well, the location change may lead to opportunities, which don’t exist in … Read more

Who is winning in 2021, and reasons why

When I went abroad for my studies in 2018, digital wallets weren’t all that popular in Malaysia. I remember seeing stores accept Alipay and Touch ‘n Go eWallet transactions, but there wasn’t widespread use of it yet. But when I came home at the end of 2020, I was shocked to discover just how incentivised … Read more

Reasons Why Strength Training Is Safe for Kids – Born Tough

Recommend some parents to put their kid at a nearby gym to start strength weight training and see how they came up with hundreds of baseless reasons telling why kids should not do strength training. It’s commonly believed that strength training can damage kids’ growth plates, therefore stunting their growth, it can lead to weak … Read more

Reasons to Visit Italy – The Travel Blogs

 Overview: Italy is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite European Destination. I have traveled there extensively, I learned the language, got the local boyfriend and although the boyfriend didn’t last, my love for Italy is still going strong! This post takes you through all the breathtaking reasons (and cities) for which you simply … Read more