Mixing different sun creams ‘could obliterate part of the protection offered from UV rays’

Mixing different sunscreens could almost obliterate part of the protection offered from UV rays, a study suggests.  Experts found combining ‘chemical’ creams with ‘mineral’ ones which contain zinc oxide reduced the barrier they provide against the sun by up to 91 per cent.     Researchers today issued a warning to consumers about the potential interaction, and … Read more

Paging Dr. Satan: Ozzy Osbourne Jokingly Credits Devil For COVID-19 Protection

Rock icon Ozzy Osbourne jokingly praised the devil for keeping him safe throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Despite his reputation as rock’s Prince of Darkness, Osbourne isn’t a satanist. “I’m a Christian,” he told The Guardian in 2014. “I was christened as a Christian. I used to go to Sunday school. I never took much interest … Read more

Following the Payment Protection Program, $300 billion Is Up for Grabs in Small Business Lending

For many small business owners in America, the pandemic delivered a severe blow. The ways in which they could conduct business changed—from making the shift to digital during lockdown to forcibly reconfiguring their day-to-day operations. Some, unfortunately, had to shut down entirely. What might be a lesser-known, although a more optimistic statistic to come out … Read more

Pete Davidson’s stalker, Michelle Mootreddy, still claims relationship despite charges and personal protection orders

I was curious to know whatever became of the strange story that broke earlier this year, concerning Pete Davidson’s stalker. For those of you unaware, 24-year-old Michelle Mootreddy issued a press release in March – that was widely disseminated by media outlets – claiming that Davidson and Mootreddy had married and were announcing the start … Read more

Johnson & Johnson says study shows two doses of its vaccine offer 94% protection against COVID-19

Johnson & Johnson announced Tuesday that new research shows two doses of its COVID-19 vaccine offer stronger protection against the disease.  A booster shot two months after receiving the drugmaker’s one-dose vaccine is 94% effective against the coronavirus, the company said, pointing to the results of a late-stage study that looked at antibody responses in … Read more

Johnson & Johnson says booster shot provides strong protection against Covid-19

The booster data has not yet been peer-reviewed or published in a scientific journal. “Our single-shot vaccine generates strong immune responses and long-lasting immune memory,” said Mathai Mammen, the global head of research and development at J&J’s Janssen subsidiary. “And, when a booster of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine is given, the strength of … Read more