John Oliver Shows How America’s Biggest Companies Are Screwing Over Workers

John Oliver closed his latest season with an in-depth look at how some of America’s biggest companies spend millions of dollars trying to stop their workers from forming unions. And he named names, calling out Amazon, Target, Starbucks and others as he revealed the ham-fisted tactics they use to manipulate workers. For example, Delta Airlines … Read more

John Oliver Lampoons A White Capitol Rioter – Deadline

In the season finale of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver opened the show by mocking a certain Jan. 6 rioter. After briefly ridiculing an FBI-wanted suspect seeking political asylum in Belarus, the Emmy Award-winning host zeroed in on a Capital riot attendee, Jenna Ryan, who expressed a humorous lack of self-awareness. Ryan, a Texas real … Read more

See Selena Gomez Make a Messy Holiday Dish With Chef Jamie Oliver

Selena Gomez just blessed us with an early holiday gift, so if you’re ready come and get it.  Selena has been sleighing the game with her cooking show, Selena + Chef, for two seasons and the singer is back for a third with more chefs, more recipes, more friends and family, and a whole lot more fun. The … Read more

John Oliver Offers A Vivid Demonstration Of Our Next Major Crisis

John Oliver on Sunday night looked at how vulnerable the U.S. power grid is as aging infrastructure meets increased demand and extreme weather events caused by climate change. Then, there are the unusual problems, like the 600+ power outages caused by squirrels, and hundreds more created by birds, balloons, raccoons, snakes and slugs. “Let me … Read more

John Oliver Mocks ‘Avatar’ Sequels Delay On ‘Last Week Tonight’ – Deadline

James Cameron needn’t worry about rushing his Avatar sequels, at least as far as John Oliver is concerned. Avatar 20th Century Fox On HBO Max’s Last Week Tonight, the late-night host discussed climate change and how at the 2009 Climate Change Global Conference in Copenhagen, rich nations promised to channel $100 billion a year to … Read more

The Pursuit of Happiness: Oliver Tree On New Country Album, Antarctica Headlining Dreams –

On December 25th, 2001, Oliver Tree wasn’t just a kid on Christmas. Instead, once gifted with his first ever Razor scooter, he suddenly held the keys to his future.  Fast-forward two decades and the artist has racked up nearly 24 million monthly listeners on Spotify and half a billion lifetime streams. He’s even got over … Read more

Oliver Heldens Makes His Debut on Drumcode as Hi-Lo with dual release Hypnos/Hera

Oliver Heldens is back with another heavy tune from his Hi-Lo alias, “Hypnos.” While Oliver may be known for his infectious house-driven sounds, he’s been repping the underground for a while now with his Hi-Lo alias. “Hypnos” is just the latest addition to his catalog featuring that trademark heavy bass, massive kick drum, and rumbling … Read more

John Oliver Roasts Romney’s Ted Lasso Costume – Deadline

John Oliver took aim at senator Mitt Romney during tonight’s episode of Last Week Tonight. For Halloween festivities, the Utah junior senator was photographed as the titular character from Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso, sporting a thick mustache and yellow lanyard while tapping a sign that reads “BELIEVE.” Mitt Romney dresses as Ted Lasso for Halloween … Read more

Shia LaBeouf Almost Played Oliver in Call Me By Your Name

Timothée Chalamet almost called Oliver by a different name. Screenwriter and producer James Ivory reveals in his new memoir, Solid Ivory, that the role of Oliver was nearly given to actor Shia LaBeouf instead of Armie Hammer.  In an excerpt published by GQ, Ivory recalls meeting with LaBeouf in New York City, where the Even Stevens actor did a reading with Timothée, who … Read more

14 Best Sunglasses Brands for Men in 2021: Ray-Ban, Persol, Oliver Peoples, and More

The best sunglasses brands are infallible sources of stylish UV protection, purveyors of premium eyewear so nice it might actually ruin your day if you accidentally sit on a pair. And sure, the list is stacked with a formidable lineup of the usual suspects—the Ray-Bans, Persols, and Oakleys of the world—but you’ll also come across … Read more