@rosie.anwara joins us in the next instalment of our Vans Needlework Creators Series

For our latest Creators Series, we have teamed up with Vans and a group of creators to celebrate the labels Needlework collection. First off, we invited Rosie Anwara to showcase her range of talents. From embroidery, beading, sewing, painting and felting – Rosie’s skills don’t fall short. For Rosie, it all started with making her … Read more

Meet @MillieRoseTextiles from our Vans Needlework Creators Series

Fresh from our latest Creator Series, we introduce textile artist Millie Rose (@millierosetextiles) and her original take on the Vans Needlework collection. Inspired by the natural world, Millie grows flowers, plants and moulds at home to form her samples. As a tufting and embroidery specialist, she uses a microscope to study their unique cellular patterns … Read more

We are joined by Rugg Ryders for our Vans Needlework Creators Series

Next up in our Vans Needlework Creators Series is @rugg_ryders, a Manchester-based creative collective comprised of AK, Kealan and Slowpo. This project was created during lockdown – a completely new creative environment for each of the creators and their target audience. The trio started to create a range of standard floor coverings, helping liven up … Read more

First up in our latest Vans Needlework series is @curriegoat

Teaming up with Vans on the Needlework collection, we’re proud to present another from our Creator Series. Next up, Denzel – AKA @curriegoat – a unique cut & sew artist who runs his own customised rugs and clothing brand (curriegoatclo), based in London. Denzel’s designs often feature a tattoo-like aesthetic, while his YouTube channel elevates … Read more