M’sian point-of-sale system for dental clinic business efficiency

[Written in partnership with Supernewsroom, but the editorial team had full control over the content.] Last we spoke to Malaysian point-of-sale (POS) system provider Aoikumo, the brand was supplying its services to clients in the beauty, medical, and wellness fields. Around that time, however, CEO Kevin Nair had already expressed his interest in serving dental … Read more

M’sian AI-vision solutions to reduce manual labour in small tasks

[This is a sponsored post with Tapway.] When utilised correctly, instead of being reduced to a movie trope of controlling humans or taking over the world, AI has multiple real world benefits. It can be used to monitor traffic in crowded zones to improve traffic flow, or to understand which shop attracts the most shoppers … Read more

17-year-old Johorean non-profit founder is sole M’sian RISE Global Winner

RISE is a programme that finds brilliant teenagers who need support for their projects that benefit the communities around them. Founded by Wendy and Eric Schmidt, Google’s ex-CEO, RISE chooses 100 Global Winners each year and provides them with a lifetime of benefits as they work to serve others.  Under this initiative by Schmidt Futures … Read more

M’sian made Bach flower remedies for emotional health

Remedies made from flower extracts aren’t what Malaysians would typically turn to when it comes to treating certain symptoms or conditions, especially regarding emotional and mental wellbeing. But this local entrepreneur has the vision to bring these products into every Malaysian household, not to replace known remedies, but to complement them. These are known as … Read more

M’sian ICT provider for laptops, printers & more

[This is a sponsored article with SNS Network.] Not everyone gets fired up and excited about ICT (Information and Communications Technology), but Kelvin Pah, the Sales and Marketing Director of SNS Network founded a business based on a more niche interest. “When you’re passionate about something, you want to share it with others, so this … Read more

M’sian loyalty programme service for physical & remote SMEs

[Written in partnership with MaGIC, but the editorial team had full control over the content.] For many businesses in the service industry, regardless of sector, being able to retain loyal customers is one way to analyse the longevity of a brand, and more. In their careers, Jared Khoo and Jason Chew had identified a similar … Read more

Site for information on M’sian startups, VCs, grants, events

It’s not uncommon to find startups in a red ocean, filling a perceived gap in the local market while unaware of competitors already existing. At Vulcan Post, we sometimes come across pitches claiming a solution is the first of its kind, when we know full well it’s not. Early-stage venture capital (VC) firm 1337 Ventures … Read more

M’sian edutech site offering online courses for children & parents

[Written in partnership with MaGIC, but the editorial team had full control over the content.] Growing up in a family of teachers, Jimmy Chong was a straight-A student all the way to his Master’s degree. But after being an engineer for 3 years, it dawned on him that the work wasn’t what he wanted out … Read more

M’sian handmade leather notebooks, keychains, wallets

I’m quite the stationery fanatic and idealise being that someone who journals every evening with a cup of tea and soft music. However, my last stint at this routine only went on for under a week.  Unlike me though, Eunice Yeoh takes journaling more seriously. She has different sections in her daily planner for law … Read more