The 22 Best Classic Christmas Movies

Ingmar Bergman’s 1982 film (and five-part television miniseries) was inspired, in part, by his childhood with his sister, Margareta, and father, Erik Bergman, a strict Lutheran minister. Yet before the marital strife unfolds and the ghosts appear, the film lingers on a Nativity play and sprawling Christmas feast in 1907, comprising some of the most … Read more

Sexy Movies on Netflix in December 2021

The holiday season is officially upon on us, and based on Netflix’s sexy movie selection this December, Santa may be making a few last-minute changes to the naughty and nice list — let’s just say, we’ve been inspired to break out the mistletoe even earlier. In addition to all of Netflix’s festive movie offerings — … Read more

31 Best Wedding Movies – Funny and Romantic Wedding Movies

Courtesy Maybe you’re in the process of planning a wedding and looking for on-screen inspo, or maybe you’re just a romantic looking to watch people make grand gestures. Whatever brought you here, welcome! I’ve rounded up 31 of the best wedding movies of all time, from heartfelt romantic dramas to lol-worthy comedies to even a … Read more

The Best Football Movies Of All Time

Baseball might be America’s favorite pastime, but there is nothing more unique and exciting than football. Think about this, we cheer for men in tights and giant pads crashing into each other and stuff our mouths with snacks and beer. Taking American’s love for football into consideration, Hollywood has made many films about the sport. … Read more

10 Best HBO Max Movies in 2021

It’s probably the understatement of the millennia, but 2021 has been a weird, sometimes fascinating year for film. But! It was also a great time if you decided to skip movie theaters for streaming (aka, your couch) and an unprecedented opportunity to watch new movies the second they came out. A whole bunch of those … Read more

61 Best Movies for Date Night

Cosmopolitan/Khadija Horton The date night movie can be surprisingly tricky if you think about it. Depending on what phase of the relationship you’re in with your partner, the perfect vibe can totally vary. Maybe you’re in it for the Netflix and chill of it all (in which case, bring on all the hot movies!). Maybe … Read more