John Oliver Mocks ‘Avatar’ Sequels Delay On ‘Last Week Tonight’ – Deadline

James Cameron needn’t worry about rushing his Avatar sequels, at least as far as John Oliver is concerned. Avatar 20th Century Fox On HBO Max’s Last Week Tonight, the late-night host discussed climate change and how at the 2009 Climate Change Global Conference in Copenhagen, rich nations promised to channel $100 billion a year to … Read more

Kimmel Mocks QAnon Nuts For Their Dumbest Conspiracy Theory Yet

Jimmy Kimmel spotted what might be the craziest right-wing conspiracy theory yet: John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive and ready to lead their movement alongside Donald Trump. JFK Jr. died in a plane crash in 1999, but a crowd of QAnon followers gathered in Dallas, where he was supposed to reveal himself at 12:30 … Read more

Dave Chappelle mocks trans jokes controversy in New Orleans

Dave Chappelle continues to use the Netflix controversy and transgender community as a punchline.  Comments the comedian made about trans people in his special The Closer sparked backlash earlier this month — and it’s far from over. At a Thursday night standup show in New Orleans, which he co-headlined with fellow pot-stirrer Joe Rogan, he … Read more

‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Mocks John Cena’s Apology To China – Deadline

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver tackled the topic of Taiwan on Sunday night which made for the perfect opportunity to mock John Cena. Cena apologized to China in May after stating Taiwan is the first country to be able to watch F9 while being interviewed by a Taiwanese outlet about the action film’s upcoming … Read more

Seriously Injured ‘AGT: Extreme’ Contestant Mocks Death From Hospital Bed

Escape artist Jonathan Goodwin, who avoided death last week when a rehearsal for NBC’s new “America’s Got Talent: Extreme” show went terrifyingly wrong, sends a defiant message from his hospital bed. “To death I say nananana boo boo,” the 41-year-old Wales-born stunt performer captioned a photo of himself on Instagram: Goodwin was crushed between two … Read more

Larry David Mocks Richard Lewis With A Sick One-Liner In New ‘Curb’ Teaser

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” returns to HBO for its eleventh season on Oct. 24 and a teaser shows there’s little off-limits between creator Larry David and longtime friend Richard Lewis. “When are you going to die?” David taunts Lewis, who both play fictionalized versions of themselves in the comedy, in the scene previewed by late-night host … Read more

‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Mocks Fox & Friends Host For Christopher Columbus Obsession – Deadline

Ahead of Indigenous Peoples Day, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver mocked Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade who can’t help but discuss his love of Christopher Columbus any chance he gets while on the air. The popular HBO Max series aired clips of Kilmeade praising the Italian explorer for discovering the Americas, an area … Read more

Dave Chappelle Mocks Cancel Culture at Star-Studded Event Amid Controversy : entertainment

Fucking watched the special and I have no idea why people are crying over it. PC is good but it’s not a bludgeon and it’s not comedy. If you are trans, you get made fun of. Gay, made fun of. Black, made fun of. White….etc. Comedy is open game. Great comedy makes you think and … Read more

See Evan Mock’s Outfits at Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022

Skateboarder-turned-model-turned-actor Evan Mock kept his designer relationships strong during Fashion Month, making his way from city to city. Of course, he’s always been on his A game when it comes to honing in on a signature style off screen, separate from his character Aki‘s on Gossip Girl. It’s true, one might be overwhelmed to learn … Read more