Mixing different sun creams ‘could obliterate part of the protection offered from UV rays’

Mixing different sunscreens could almost obliterate part of the protection offered from UV rays, a study suggests.  Experts found combining ‘chemical’ creams with ‘mineral’ ones which contain zinc oxide reduced the barrier they provide against the sun by up to 91 per cent.     Researchers today issued a warning to consumers about the potential interaction, and … Read more

Coming Next? Mixing COVID Vaccines, Boosters for Moderna, J&J

Is it possible it’ll soon be OK to mix-and-match COVID-19 vaccines when you’re eligible for a booster? And when will the Food and Drug Administration approve boosters for people who received the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines? Here’s the latest: Boosters: Homologous or Heterologous? A booster shot with the same brand as your previous … Read more