At Propelify, Five Minutes with David Meltzer

Think your work can’t inspire a blockbuster movie for the ages? Think again. Or at least that’s the sentiment of David Meltzer, entrepreneur and sought-after speaker, whom we caught up with at Propelify to talk about his own drive, something not talked about much by entrepreneurs (spirituality), and his pulse on marketing, including the latest … Read more

Daniel Craig and James Corden Hilariously Recreate 24 Blockbusters in 10 Minutes

Craig “punches” Corden several times, while “Thelma & Louise” star Geena Davis and “Back to the Future” actor Christopher Lloyd also make epic cameos. Daniel Craig and James Corden are taking a look back at Hollywood’s most beloved blockbusters. On Thursday’s episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the actor and talk show … Read more

Strengthen and Tone in Just 10 Minutes

Some days, weeks, months, the only “workouts” my upper body gets are typing and moving a fork towards my mouth. Admittedly, this is not great for my health or long-term mobility—plus, I’m single AF, and pasta sauce jars aren’t exactly going to open themselves. Fortunately, on the latest episode of Good Moves, Chloe de Winter … Read more

Bliss Balls That Only Take 10 Minutes to Make

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Baltimore Woman Clinically Dead for 45 Minutes Brought Back to Life — as Daughter Undergoes 39-Hour Labor in Same Hospital

After rushing to the hospital to meet her new granddaughter, she suffered a heart attack and — by all medical reasoning — died. A Baltimore grandmother, mother and newborn from the same family all went through very different traumas, at the exact same time, at the exact same hospital. Grandmother Kathy Patten lay clinically dead … Read more

Instant Pot Chili (ready in 40 minutes!)

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