FDA seeks advice on whether to limit Covid-19 pill in pregnant people

Limiting the drug’s use to people who aren’t pregnant would prevent a significant at-risk population from accessing a treatment that likely could be prescribed for at-home use. Pregnant people with Covid may still receive monoclonal antibody treatments, but they must be administered in a health care setting. The FDA will ask advisers to consider an … Read more

House Passes Debt Limit Extension To Avert U.S. Default – Deadline

The House on Tuesday passed an extension of the debt ceiling, averting the threat of a default until at least Dec. 3. The vote was 219-206, a party line vote for the $480 billion increase. The legislation now goes to President Joe Biden, who plans to sign it. The Senate passed an extension last week, … Read more

Facebook To Limit Politics, Boost Friends, Spokesman Says – Deadline

“One of the things we have heard from users both from the US and around the world since the election is people want to see more friends, less politics,” Clegg said. “So we have been testing ways in which we can reduce the presence of politics for people’s Facebook experiences.” He claimed that Facebook implemented … Read more

People who have at least one energy drink a week ‘are TWICE as likely to break the speed limit’

There has been a stark rise in Britons’ thirst for caffeinated drinks – at least 600 million litres are drunk every year, 200 million more than ten years ago. Figures from the British Soft Drinks Association reveal that the volume of energy drinks consumed in the UK increased from 463 million litres in 2010 to … Read more

U.S. Government Could Be Running Dry On Money If National Debt Limit Not Addressed

United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen shared grave news with congressional leaders on Tuesday. Apparently, the United States government is on track to run out of money by mid-October. To avoid this financial disaster, Democrats are clinging to hope that Republicans will vote to raise or suspend the national debt limit. However, that option is … Read more

Dining-in limit scaled back to two persons from Sept 27 to Oct 24

Following the recent spike in Covid-19 cases, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced today (Sept 24) that the group size limit for dining-in at food and beverage (F&B) outlets will be reduced to two vaccinated people from the current limit of five. Unvaccinated individuals with a valid negative pre-event test result, recovered people, and children aged … Read more