With an Upcoming Project, Lena Dunham Will Take on the Mob

Lena Dunham is still the voice of her generation, “or at least… a voice, of a generation”— specifically the downtown queer community in the ’30s. After marrying her partner, Peruvian-British musician Luis Felber, in an intimate London ceremony in September, the Girls creator has turned her attention back to her work, signing on to adapt … Read more

“No One Who Crossed Her Path Will Ever Be The Same”: Lena Dunham Pays Tribute To 16Arlington Designer Federica Cavenati, Who Has Passed Away Aged 28

The first time I met my friend Federica “Kikka” Cavenati, it took me about 10 minutes to realise how beautiful she was. And that’s really saying something, because Kikka was nothing if not beautiful – shiny copper hair, massive Bambi eyes, the kind of pillowy lips that women pay a lot for, and perfect teeth … Read more

News Reporter Lena Pringle Goes Viral For Live Walk-Through Of Haunted House

Halloween is the one holiday a year where people willingly put themselves in scary situations. Well, that applies to those of us who enjoy certain traditional festivities such as haunted houses. When Jacksonville news reporter Lena Pringle decided to do a walk-through of one, the results quickly went viral. During ‘The Morning Show’ on News … Read more

Lena Dunham Pays Tribute to Her Girls On-Screen Dad Peter Scolari Following His Death

Bob Newhart also honored his late “Newart” costar, saying Scolari’s “passing at 66 is way too early.” Lena Dunham penned a heartfelt tribute to Peter Scolari, her “Girls” on-screen father who passed away Friday at the age of 66. The veteran actor, who grew to fame alongside Tom Hanks in the sitcom “Bosom Buddies” and … Read more

Lena Dunham pays tribute to ‘Girls’ co-star Peter Scolari

Lena Dunham has paid tribute to Girls co-star Peter Scolari following his death. The actor, who played Dunham’s on-screen father Tad Hovarth in the comedy series, died aged 66 on Friday (October 22) following a two-year battle with cancer. Sharing pictures across the actor’s career on Instagram, Dunham wrote: “The shyest extrovert, the most dramatic … Read more

Lena Dunham Hits Back At People Body Shaming Her In Wedding Photos

Lena Dunham is addressing the “gnarly” comments she’s received on social media just a week after her wedding photos went viral. The “Girls” star and creator got married to musician Luis Felber on Sept. 25, and photos from her big day were published in a Vogue spread. Dunham explained in a lengthy Instagram post Wednesday … Read more