New Charlie Trotter Documentary Attempts to Untangle the Chicago Chef’s Complicated Legacy

When director Rebecca Halpern set out to make a documentary about chef Charlie Trotter, she imagined emulating Netflix’s Emmy-nominated series Chef’s Table. She hoped to gather Trotter’s proteges at the Chef’s Garden, the Ohio farm that supplied Charlie Trotter’s microgreens. There they would recreate Trotter’s dishes with a farm-to-table dinner and share their memories of … Read more

The Legacy of Daniel Craig’s James Bond

That haunted quality made Craig’s Bond a deeper character, but it didn’t always work in the series’ favor. Craig would never find the same chemistry with any of his co-stars after Green. And while Bond would have sex in each successive film, the pairings usually seemed more dutiful than sexy. Casino Royale’s immediate follow-up, Quantum … Read more

Nike LeBron 19 Space Jam: A New Legacy Release Date DC9338-100

With LeBron James set to star in the upcoming Space Jam sequel, Nike is using this opportunity to preview his next signature basketball shoe. Appearing on the feet of King James throughout the course of the movie will be the Nike LeBron 19, which is once again developed by longtime Nike LeBron designer Jason Petrie. The shoe boasts a mid-cut construction combined with what … Read more

On Willie Garson and the Fabulous Legacy of Sex and the City’s Stanford Blatch

I had such an irreverent column planned on the return of getting ridiculously glammed up and going out-out. I wanted to talk about big looks coming back, all bells and whistles and sequins and taffeta. As someone who spent lockdown in five-inch Patagonia shorts, I have been unabashedly enthralled by benignly gossiping about who’s wearing … Read more

As Yusuf/Cat Stevens reemerges on the public stage, how should we feel about his music — and his legacy?

A unique feature of the destabilizing, horrifying Great Interruption of the past year and a half (and counting) is that it has nudged so many of us into a period of protracted introspection and reassessment. Superficially, we’ve discovered the wonders of sourdough starter and urban gardening, but beneath the surface something more significant has been … Read more

New Owners of LA’s Most Important Jewish Bakery Work to Carry on a 75-Year Legacy

In many observant Jewish homes, there are mezuzahs affixed to door frames. The narrow, ornate cylinders contain a small prayer scroll and are touched upon entering or leaving. This signifies both the calming presence of faith and the journey across a threshold, a moment spent between two spaces. At 75-year-old Jewish institution Diamond Bakery on … Read more

Yara Shahidi’s Met Gala Look Honored Josephine Baker’s Legacy

When you think of American fashion icons, Josephine Baker’s name is at the top of the list. The legendary entertainer may have been the toast of Paris, but she was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Given that 2021’s Met Gala centers on the Costume Institute’s In America: A Lexicon of Fashion exhibition, Yara Shahidi wanted … Read more