Photographer Gillian Laub Sees Her Family Portraits as a ‘Microcosm of America’

I’ve been photographing my family for more than 20 years, and I spent most of that time way more fascinated by other people’s stories than my own. Still, my family has a bunch of very colorful characters in it, so I began photographing my grandparents, and they were really my first muses. With all my … Read more

Photographer Gillian Laub Reckons With Her Family’s Trump Adoration

That was long before Laub’s parents started supporting Donald Trump. Except they weren’t just supporting Trump—they loved him. They went to his inauguration. They golfed at his club with branded golf clubs. Her mother—a sweet, glamorous New York Jewish mom—proudly displayed a Women for Trump sign in her living room. Her father wore a MAGA … Read more