Introducing the Art for Social Change Network — BC Alliance for Arts + Culture

The Art for Social Change Network (ASCN) has officially launched! Led by community-engaged arts organizations acting as regional hubs, ASCN is designed to connect and support hundreds of arts for social change (ASC) organizations and independent artists across Canada. The ASC sector in Canada and around the world works in service to the needs of … Read more

Selma Blair Talks About Film ‘Introducing, Selma Blair’ — Contenders Documentary – Deadline

Introducing, Selma Blair subject Blair said she allowed director Rachel Fleit to film her coping with multiple sclerosis treatments because she could not find examples of other people going them. Blair and director Rachel Fleit spoke with Deadline’s Matthew Carey at The Contenders: Documentary. “I just really craved seeing someone else in my position,” Blair … Read more

Introducing, Selma Blair Is a Font of Emotional Revelations

Then comes the overwhelming sense of unfairness (for us, let alone for her!) that what she just went through didn’t completely cure her. Not overnight, and not even months later, when Blair admits she’s “judging the process,” depressed that she’s still struggling with balance, her vision and almost everything else that was bothering her before. … Read more

Introducing DTF: Our Supplement to Support Women’s Sexual Desire, Arousal, and Mood

We’re not ashamed to say we want help shifting our sex drive into gear. We also know we’re not alone: Everyday stress and anxiety, hormonal fluctuations, and fatigue can all impact female libido and sexual health. (It’s wild out here.) Our science and research team set out to create a supplement to help—something we could … Read more

Introducing the Real Will Smith

You can’t blame Smith if he’s confident he knows the best way to tell a story: The man is a natural raconteur. Between takes, I watched as he recalled with his assistants the time, while filming Concussion in Pittsburgh, that they all attempted to make it to an evening showing of Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer, … Read more

#MaxYourStyle // Introducing the Nike Air Max ‘Furyosa’

For the launch of the shoe that’s an OFFICE favourite for the season, the Nike Air Max Furyosa, we’re challenging our usual style boundaries (it is fashion week season after all) and elevating our everyday looks with outfits that aren’t for the shy and retiring. Meet the women behind the campaign – content creators Mira … Read more