‘More infectious and vaccine resistant’ Botswana Covid variant is driving South African surge

A new Covid variant that has more mutations than have ever been seen before is becoming dominant in South Africa and is feared to be ultra infectious and vaccine resistant, scientists warned today. Experts said the variant is growing ‘very quickly’ in South Africa and is driving the country’s surge in infections.  Around 100 cases … Read more

Delta subvariant AY.4.2 is LESS likely to cause symptoms but slightly more infectious than ancestor

Delta subvariant AY.4.2 is LESS likely to cause symptoms but slightly more infectious than its ancestor strain, study finds — as experts predict it will become dominant UK variant in next year REACT study found AY.4.2 subvariant made up 12% of cases up to November 5 Just two-thirds of those who tested positive for strain reported … Read more

Lemi Vice Returns With Infectious House Track ‘Confusing’

Lemi Vice has been involved in various aspects of the music industry over time, he’s now doubling down on his own solo alias and is set to release more tracks under it. “Confusing,” is the debut since his soft return, featuring catchy house elements and thrilling production that keeps the listeners coming back or more. … Read more

Wasback Taps Babz Wayne for Infectious House Single, “Virus” – EDM.com

23-year-old Italian talent Wasback has made a name of himself with his infectious dance sound. Andhis latest release, “Virus,” will only further his upward trajectory. Enlisting triple threat singer-producer-sound engineer Babz Wayne, the track is driven by Wayne’s catchy vocals atop Wasback’s bouncy house production. Infusing tech and deep house sensibilities, “Virus” showcases Wasback’s ability to blend … Read more

Is THIS why Delta is so infectious? Scientists find little-known mutation on part of Covid variant

A mutation on the Delta variant that has flown under the radar may explain why it is more than twice as infectious as previous strains. Scientists tracking the Covid mutant have until now focused their attentions on changes to the virus’ spike protein, which it uses to infect cells. It was presumed these alterations made … Read more

More infectious strain of Delta makes up 10% of cases in UK – but 7 cases detected in US so far 

A new sublineage of the highly contagious Delta variant that is gaining traction in the UK has been detected in the U.S. Known as AY.4.2, it currently makes up nearly 10 percent of all infections in the UK as of October 9, double the four percent it accounted for in mid-September.  Meanwhile, it is far … Read more

Aamir Khan mourns the demise of Farrukh Jaffar: Her infectious energy will always keep us smiling

In what came as shocking news for tinselvile, veteran actress Farrukh Jaffar breathed her last on Friday. The actress was 88 and passed away in Lucknow. Farrukh was known for her role in movies like Rekha starrer Umrao Jaan, Swadesh, Peepli Live, Sultan, etc. she was last seen in the 2020 release Gulabo Sitabo wherein … Read more

Narayan Returns With Infectious Track “Lonely” Alongside John Dakolias

With a handful of releases this year already, and massive acclaim from some of the industry’s leading publications, there is no doubt that Indian talent Narayan has set his sights high for the rest of 2021 and beyond. Just recently he was enlisted to create sample packs for renowned companies CR2 Records and Audentity Records, … Read more

Research Shows Music is Infectious & Can Spread Like a Virus

New research shows that music can be infectious — like a virus — with download patterns resembling the epidemic curves for disease. When a song hits the radio, a music streaming service like Spotify, or gets shared on a social media platform like TikTok — what happens next? Using mathematical tools typically applied to study the spread … Read more

Feds New Vaccine Mandates ‘A Great First Step,’ Says Infectious Disease Expert. Here’s Why.

On Sept. 9, President Joe Biden announced sweeping new mandates for the COVID-19 vaccine: All private-sector businesses with more than 100 employees must mandate vaccines or weekly testing for their workforces. Federal employees and contractors that work with the government are now required to receive the vaccine and will no longer have the option of … Read more