16 Best Indie Clothing Brands to Shop: Independent Slow Fashion Labels

Aside from their massive Instagram following, what do trendsetter celebrities like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Kendall Jenner all have in common? Their killer, unique fashion sense. We’re here to spill their (or in some cases, their stylists’) secret: the indie clothing brands that the masses have yet to discover. You know Hadid’s cropped bra-looking … Read more

‘Rust’ Producer Co-Financing Dustin Hoffman & Sissy Spacek Indie Movie ‘Sam & Kate’ – Deadline

In the wake of Rust producers being hit with two lawsuits stemming from the fatal shooting of that film’s DP Halyna Hutchins, Variety reports this morning that producer Ryan Donnell Smith is co-financing a Dustin Hoffman–Sissy Spacek movie entitled Sam & Kate.  Deadline has reached out to the Rust producer’s reps for comment. We will update the story should … Read more

New Artist Spotlight: Vectralux’s Debut Indie Pop Album Gives Deja Vu a Run for Its Money

You know those memes that have been going around the past coupe of years where it’s a chaotic picture where the objects in it have been blurred or distorted so that your brain thinks it should recognize them but still can’t and you end up squinting at it for far too long? Vectralux is, in … Read more

Modiphius Announces New Titles In ‘Via Modiphius’ Indie TTRPG Program

Modiphius Entertainment is announced today that two new titles will be distributed through the publisher’s new VIA MODIPHIUS co-publishing partnership program, which which partners Modiphius’s resources as a major publishing house with innovative talents out of the indie TTRPG scene.  Fantasy adventure wargame Five Leagues from the Borderlands and modern warfare-themed Battlespace are the newest titles to receive support from the program … Read more