Review: Rick Bayless’s Immersive Play ’A Recipe For Disaster” Takes on Influencers

Editor’s note: There was much conversation in July after celebrity chef Rick Bayless announced he wrote a play about restaurants and social media influencers to be produced by Windy City Playhouse. Bayless has theater experience and is a trained dancer. Eater Chicago asked contributor Samantha Nelson, an experienced theater, TV, and film critic, to share … Read more

136 Paintings by Gustav Klimt Now Online (Including 63 Paintings in an Immersive Augmented Reality Gallery)

At the end of World War II the Nazis burned an Austrian castle full of masterpieces, including three paintings by Gustav Klimt entitled Philosophy, Medicine, and Jurisprudence. Called the “Faculty Paintings,” these were commissioned by the University of Vienna for the ceiling of its Great Hall in 1900, then, upon completion seven years later, were … Read more