Windows 11 for hybrid work efficiency & productivity

[This is a sponsored post with Acer.] Prior to the pandemic, productivity and working in the office were considered non-mutually exclusive. Bosses and HR management teams typically prefer employees to be present at the workplace to optimise work efficiency and other processes. Now though we have a mushrooming concept called hybrid work, and it’s a … Read more

How To Cook Broccolini, the Most Perfect Hybrid Vegetable

Broccolini was developed as a non-genetically modified hybrid between broccoli and Chinese broccoli back in 1993. Also known as Chinese kale, Chinese broccoli is more elongated in shape, which is why broccolini has an asparagus-like silhouette. Shape aside, the inventors of broccolini hoped to offer a sweeter, tastier vegetable—both broccoli and Chinese broccoli are on … Read more

Your EDM Premiere: Hybrid Theory Teams UP With New Artist I.C.U and Vocalist Nehanda to Watch the World ‘Burn’ [Korsakov]

Aside from their hefty, crunchy dancefloor rhythms that skirt the boundaries of neurofunk, Hybrid Theory have also made a name for themselves with their solid-since-2010 label, Four40 Records. Having just celebrated their ten-year anniversary, the imprint releases more tracks per month than pretty much any other D&B label active today. The duo have a very … Read more

Top 5 New Hybrid Supercars On Sale In 2021

Hybrids have long been associated with economy cars and the sort primed for ride-sharing services, but the term and technology has been undergoing a revolution, becoming a must-have part of the line-up for any manufacturer these days. Supercar makers are no different, with the technology not just making them more efficient, but lifting power and … Read more

Virtual offices and hybrid classrooms connect better with a social approach

Raviv Nadav of Kino talks about online social interaction. Self-described solutions architect Raviv Nadav had an intensely negative reaction mere minutes into his first online social interaction. March 2020. It was a Thursday, he remembers clearly. People across the globe were isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Emerging technologies were quickly being put into widespread use … Read more

Despite Hybrid Release, ‘Dune’ Draws Well On The Big Screen

NEW YORK (AP) — Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” debuted with $40.1 million in ticket sales in its opening weekend in North America, drawing a large number of moviegoers to see the thundering sci-fi epic on the big screen despite it also being available to stream in homes. Warner Bros. launched the Legendary Entertainment production simultaneously in … Read more

NDP backs hybrid Parliament, says MPs can be ‘vectors’ to COVID-19 spread – National

Conservatives say they disagree with a committee of MPs deciding that only fully vaccinated MPs, staff and visitors can enter the House of Commons. Their objection represents the first challenge to Tuesday’s ruling by the all-party board of internal economy – the governing body of the Commons – that only people who are double … Read more

Converse Hybrid Function Chuck 70 Utility 171656C

Before the Converse Run Star Hike became one of the All Star Brand’s most innovative inline silhouettes, the lugged-soled Converse Chuck Taylor-variant was a style that was exclusively introduced as part of the JW Anderson collaboration. Kim Jones‘ Converse Chuck 70 is receiving similar treatment as it now joins the mainstay Converse roster as the new … Read more

Is it a Skirt? Is it a Trouser? It’s a Dress/Pant Hybrid and Here’s How to Wear It

Look 62, Balenciaga’s fall 2021 collection—it was all the convincing I needed. The penultimate look in Balenciaga’s long-awaited couture debut was a tour de force of a black-tie ensemble: As seen from the front, the lady wears a 1950s-esque icy satin A-line gown featuring metallic embroideries. As she turns the corner, however, it is revealed … Read more

Are Hybrid Workplaces the Future of Startups?

Remote work existed before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it occupied a distant corner of the workplace discourse. When stopping the spread of disease became a national priority, a whopping 95% of office workers transitioned to working remotely at least part of the time. After an extended trial period, the results are in. 97% of workers now say they … Read more