Kit Harington Net Worth – Kit Harington Game of Thrones Salary

Ever wonder how much money Kit Harington made for starring in HBO’s most successful show ever? Literally so much. The cast of Game of Thrones has more money than the Iron Bank (heh, jokes), and during the show’s prime, Kit and his co-stars were among the highest-paid actors on television. But while all of our … Read more

Netflix to Change How It Measures a Title’s Viewers Post-‘Squid Game’ : entertainment

Netflix again touted the runaway success of Squid Game in its quarterly earnings report — while at the same time saying it will change the way it publicly reveals viewing data. In the streamer’s third quarter letter to shareholders, Netflix says that in the future it will report total hours viewed within 28 days of … Read more

Inside ‘Wheel of Time,’ Amazon’s Huge Gamble on the Next ‘Game of Thrones’

Not long ago, this quarry, 40 kilometers outside Prague, held a carefully built fake town called the Two Rivers. Then, a few days back, the producers and set dressers of Amazon’s The Wheel of Time burned it down. The town’s inn, an intricately rendered two-story building, is now blackened, its left side plunged into spiky … Read more

Shows Like ‘Squid Game’

If you, like the rest of the world, are absolutely obsessed with Netflix’s Squid Game, welcome! The show basically came out of nowhere and catapulted to the top of the streaming service’s most watched list. If you haven’t watched yet and are here for… unknown reasons, here’s the gist: a bunch of down-on-their-luck people get … Read more

Pete Davidson & Rami Malek Sing A Country-Pop ‘Squid Game’ Song On ‘SNL’

The Netflix show Squid Game is all certain people are talking about right now, so naturally Saturday Night Live riffed on it for a sketch in last night’s Young Thug-featuring episode. Pete Davidson and and episode host Rami Malek sang a whole country-pop song inspired by Squid Game, with the help of a country-pop artist who goes by the name Big Wet, who also appears in the sketch. The track uses the same tune as Big Wet and Branchez’s 2017 song “Turn Up On The Weekend.” It features various allusions to the Korean drama with a chorus of “Hey, guess, I have to play the Squid Game.” Watch it below.

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Analogue Pocket has its own OS for “exploring all video game history”

The Analogue Pocket will be getting its own operating system when it launches later this year. The multi-video-game-system portable handheld from retro console manufacturer Analogue will come with Analogue OS, which the company calls a “definitive, scholarly operating system” that allows users to “explore, discover, and play through all of video game history.” The minimal-looking … Read more

Squid Game Dethrones Bridgerton as the Most Watched Netflix series

According to Netflix, 111 million people have watched the South Korean thriller series Squid Game, making it the most-watched show in Netflix’s history. Previously, the title was held by Chris Van Dusen’s Bridgerton which gained the title in September. Squid Game has been compared to Hunger Games since its widespread success, even though the only … Read more

Rami Malek & Pete Davidson Give ‘Squid Game’ Country Flair – Deadline

The inevitable happened on Saturday Night Live as the sketch series took on global phenomenon Squid Game thanks to a musical number from  Pete Davidson and guest host Rami Malik.  The spoof country number, a cover of Branchez & Big Wet’s “Turn Up On the Weekend,” started out with both Davidson and Malek as country … Read more