Explosive RHOSLC Fight Erupts As Jen Shah Accuses Meredith Marks of Turning Her Into Authorities

Whitney also brings up some shocking “hook up” allegations about Jen in a preview clip for next week. “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” stars Jen Shah and Meredith Marks went at it during another dinner from hell on Sunday’s new hour. While the women were all sent to Zion, Utah for a relaxing Mother’s … Read more

Teen Mom Family Reunion Kicks Off With Explosive Fight Between Jade, Briana and Ashley

As Jade got pulled away by security, Ashley twerked up a storm and the other girls looked on in shock. It didn’t take long for the finger pointing and shouting to start as a group of Teen Mom stars from across both shows met up for a very special getaway. Premiering Tuesday night on MTV, … Read more

Lisa Barlow Feared ‘Physical’ Confrontation With Jen Shah During Explosive RHOSLC Fight

Production had to get between the two women, tearing them away from each other. Things got heated on the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” as Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow got into it with nowhere to hide during a girls trip bus ride. While Shah was arrested by the authorities the … Read more

Female Rapper Rico Nasty Gets Into FIST FIGHT w/ Fan During Concert!! (Video)

Female rapper Rico Nasty got into a fight with one of her fans, during her concert last night, MTO News has learned. The beautiful lyricist jumped off the stage and shot a fair one with a woman, according to online reports. Rico is currently the opening act for rapper Playboi Cardi. She performs her hits … Read more

“Happening”: a young woman’s fight for an abortion in 1960s France

Issued on: 24/11/2021 – 13:09 Inspired by a novelistic memoir from author Annie Ernaux, “Happening” recounts the predicament of a young woman who decides to terminate an unwanted pregnancy despite the legal and social hurdles that stand in her way. Lisa Nesselson tells us why Audre Diwan’s handling of this delicate subject matter, as well … Read more

U.S. deer are catching COVID-19. What that means for our fight against the virus – National

Many white-tailed deer in the northern U.S. have caught COVID-19, some new studies suggest, with potential implications for the pandemic fight. And while the same hasn’t yet been found in Canadian deer, scientists say that finding the virus in wild animals could spell the end for any hopes of completely eliminating COVID-19 in humans. … Read more

Isaiah Stewart Tries To Fight LeBron James After Elbow To The Face!!

Los Angeles Lakers’ star, Lebron James, came to blows with Detroit Pistons player Isaiah Stewart after he elbowed Stewart in the face, leaving his face covered in blood. As a result of his actions, James was hit with a Flagrant 2 foul and removed from the game. After the game, James’ peers defended him. “Everyone … Read more