Trump’s Family Business Is Under Yet Another Criminal Investigation

When we last checked in on Donald Trump’s legal situation, the former president of the United States was facing numerous lawsuits—two of which judges had ordered him to be deposed under oath for—and was a subject of three different criminal investigations being conducted in Georgia, D.C., and New York. As that check-in was less than a week ago, one … Read more

18 Gems to Order From Net-a-Porter’s Friends and Family Sale

If you’re familiar with Net-a-Porter’s Friends and Family Sale, you know that two of its defining qualities are that it’s chock-full of good stuff and that it’s very rare. But with temperatures finally dropping and fall shopping in full swing (since we actually have places to go this year), Net-a-Porter timed things perfectly with its just-launched Friends and Family Sale. … Read more

Jamie Redknapp and pregnant bride Frida Andersson are joined by family for a reception dinner

An intimate wedding ceremony was followed by a rather more public reception on Monday evening as Jamie Redknapp and pregnant wife Frida Andersson celebrated their nuptials at Scott’s restaurant.  The just-married couple were joined by Frida’s new in-laws Harry and Sandra Redknapp as they arrived at the Mayfair eatery for a celebratory dinner, shortly after exchanging … Read more

Britney Spears Warns Family What To Fear If She Does An Interview

“Lord have mercy on my family’s souls if I ever do an interview!!!” the pop star wrote in a lengthy caption detailing her excitement, fears and confusion about the possible end of the highly restrictive legal arrangement she’s been under since 2008 when she was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation. “I haven’t done anything to … Read more

Mourners of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. An Arab Israeli family. An extraordinary gift.

By late 2018, Eihab Falah was extremely ill. The 25-year-old Israeli, a member of the Arabic-speaking Druze community, had a rare, aggressive form of brain cancer. Massive doses of chemotherapy and radiation had done little to halt the disease’s progress. Unable to help further, Eihab’s doctors in Israel proffered painkillers and the telephone number of … Read more

How Meghan King’s Family Feels About ‘Quick’ Cuffe Owens Wedding

Whirlwind romance! Meghan King’s fans aren’t the only ones shocked that she married Cuffe Owens after knowing each other less than one month — her relatives were also thrown for a loop. “Her family is a bit shocked that she tied the knot so quickly,” a source exclusively told Us Weekly after the duo said … Read more

Kim Kardashian’s Family Responds To Those SNL Roasts

“Congratulations queen!!!” Kim Kardashian‘s Saturday Night Live debut was a family affair, complete with real and fictionalized appearances by her immediate relatives and some pretty aggressive digs that laid into each of their lives, as well as her own. Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images “I’m excited to be here tonight to show … Read more

Unvaccinated people have 97% reduced risk at contracting COVID-19 as family members get immune

Unvaccinated people are less likely to contract COVID-19 if members of their family have some sort of immunity against the virus, a new study suggests. Researchers from Umeå University, in northeast Sweden, found Covid vaccines not only protect people who have received the shot, but others around them as well. If an unvaccinated person within a … Read more