COVID-19: Plastic dividers widely ineffective or even counterproductive, Ontario expert says

At first, some businesses used shower curtains or a makeshift plastic tarp to divide customers from staff members. Twenty months after the pandemic began, it is practically impossible to go into a restaurant, retail store, medical office, or other business without seeing protective plastic shields separating people. Now, one of Ontario’s top advisors guiding … Read more

Travis Scott’s brand damaged amid Astroworld tragedy, says expert

Experts weigh in on how Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner could be financially impacted following the Nov. 5 Astroworld tragedy. (Photo: Getty Images for Netflix) Kylie Jenner returned to social media for the first time since she was criticized for her handling of the Astroworld tragedy while partner Travis Scott remains out of the public … Read more

26 Baking Gifts for 2021 (That Expert & Newbie Bakers Will Love)

Caraway $395.00 To say we love, love, love Caraway cookware would still somehow be an understatement — so imagine how excited the Kitchn team was when the brand launched their first bakeware set earlier this year! Included in the 11-piece line are two different-sized baking sheets, a storage organizer, muffin pan, rectangle pan, cooling rack, … Read more

DNA data of healthy babies could be hacked or sold by Governments in future, ethics expert says

Screening the DNA of healthy babies could lead to the data being misused and sold to private firms in the future, an expert warned today.   More than 200,000 British newborns are to have their genome sequenced as part of a Government trial announced earlier this year.   The process involves storing a person’s entire genetic code … Read more

Cybersecurity Expert, Rick Jordan, Teams Up with Kevin Harrington in Cybersecurity IPO

In July 2021, the world faced one of the largest ransomware attacks in history.  Every company affected had one thing in common. Their IT infrastructure was managed with network management and remote control software developed by U.S. technology firm, Kaseya.  Hackers exploited over 1,500 businesses by leveraging zero-day exploits in Kaseya’s software used by cybersecurity … Read more

COVID-19 vaccine boosters for all adults is a ‘slippery slope,’ expert warns – National

An infectious disease expert has voiced his disapproval of COVID-19 vaccine boosters becoming available for all adults in Canada. Dr. Neil Rau, who is also an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, said on The Roy Green Show on Sunday that Canada has to be “pragmatic” when it comes to how … Read more

Foreign doctors ready to help are ‘sidelined’ by regulation, expert says

Over 21 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada’s public health systems are stretched thin while thousands of foreign-trained doctors living in Canada remain sidelined due to credentialing and licensing policies. Experts say the barriers in place include not recognizing international experience and asking foreign doctors to start as if they were freshly graduated medical … Read more

Will Smith Sought Tantric Sex Expert and Drugs After Jada Rejected ‘Ego’-Driven Birthday Party

The couple separated after the “perfect husband” 40th birthday celebration for Jada she called “the most disgusting display of ego I have ever seen in my life.” Will Smith lost himself for a while after he tried to come through with an epic birthday party for wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s 40th birthday, only for her … Read more

An Expert Guide To Pattern Mixing

Of all the tenets of dressing well, ‘do not clash patterns’ seems like one that should always hold water. Deliberately playing around with prints and patterns is to design an outfit that looks like it shouldn’t go together. How could that be stylish? Even the most rebellious of subcultures throughout history were loath to mix … Read more