A key country | Eurozine

The defeat of Andrej Babiš’s ANO in the Czech Republic brings prospects of an end to the corruption, instability and anti-Europeanism that have defined the past four years of Czech politics. A coalition between the conservative alliance Spolu (27.8%) and the liberal alliance Pirate Party / STAN (15.6%) would secure a comfortable parliamentary majority and, … Read more

The domination of dilettantes | Eurozine

‘In Lithuania, dissatisfaction with the government and its decisions in various areas of public life is not only persisting but growing,’ writes Almantas Samalavičius in Kultūros barai. ‘Spontaneous outbursts of violence, or violence that has been secretly and cleverly instigated by someone else, naturally discredit the rally organizers, but they should not be lumped together. … Read more

Hard labour | Eurozine

The creation stories that have informed Western culture are full of miraculous births, with gods and mortals emerging from heads, shells and spare ribs. Looking to the future, medical advancements in the realm of artificial wombs have meanwhile raised questions as to whether, by the end of the 21st century, humans will in fact be … Read more

People like us | Eurozine

What Malthus called the population question looms large in the intellectual history of social policy which I examine in my book Three Roads to the Welfare State: Liberalism, Social Democracy and Christian Democracy. In Catholic Ireland, where abortion and contraception were prohibited, systems of coercive confinement for unmarried mothers and their unaccepted children persisted for … Read more

The American creed | Eurozine

In the last two centuries, 220 countries have appeared on the global stage and, between them, they have produced a remarkable 900 written constitutions. The sheer numbers are telling: for the most part, societies treat their constitutions instrumentally. When these legal-political orders break down or social upheaval brings new elites and alliances to power, old … Read more

Woven memory | Eurozine

As an emigrant from East Central Europe living in Austria, I have been exposed to a torrent of new experiences and challenged daily by an unfamiliar conceptual framework. Additionally, as an artist with an academic interest in memory studies, I have found myself facing and exploring different, often conflicting perceptions of the past. In consequence … Read more

Everybody knows… | Eurozine

After the Bundestag elections, German politics has entered conspiratorial mode. Each of the parties has ‘sounded out’ the others, bar Die Linke and the AfD – the former a rump, the latter a pariah. Apart from titbits offered to Bild from inside the CDU, presumably to undermine the leadership, little has got out – quite … Read more

Beyond Baldwin the icon | Eurozine

Along with Maya Angelou and Angela Davis, James Baldwin has become one of the most quoted authors of the Black Lives Matter movement. A special issue of Ord&Bild poses a simple question, which turns out to have a complex answer: what is Baldwin’s significance today? Baldwin’s insistence that ‘the sexual question and the racial question … Read more

New ways to inhabit | Eurozine

When Macron was elected president in 2017, he announced his ‘revolution’. The economy would be freed from government interference and a night-watchman state would guarantee citizens’ liberty. It looked as though France was going to renew its long-neglected commitment to liberalism. But four years later, the promises have not been kept. What happened? In Esprit, … Read more