What Not To Eat After Working Out, According to an RD

Even if you enjoy every second of your workout, there is nothing quite like the feeling you get when it’s done. The endorphin boost has you buzzing, you feel a sense of accomplishment in each drop of sweat, and now it’s time to bask in the afterglow while you refuel. If you’re part of a … Read more

Ideas On What To Eat In Romania

Some posts contain compensated links. Please read this disclaimer for more info. Written by Romanian writer Anca-Gabi Cucos, and SJ Begonja.  Few are the tourists who make it across the Romanian border and leave without a few extra pounds. Thanks to the fact that the quality of Romanian food is nothing short of exceptional. Either through … Read more

One in 10 People Frequently Experience Abdominal Pain When They Eat Meals

Around 11% of the global population (13% of women and 9% of men) frequently experience abdominal pain when they eat meals, according to a survey on over 50,000 people. The research is being presented for the first time today at UEG Week Virtual 2021.[1] Pain associated with eating appears to be most common in young … Read more

6 Healthy Frozen Dinners Dietitians Eat During the Week

There’s something so nostalgic about frozen meals. I mean, who didn’t grow up eating the occasional Kid Cuisine meal complete with nuggets, some questionable veggies, and a brownie for dessert? As an adult, you’re probably well aware most options in the freezer section are loaded with sodium. But, to my surprise, it’s still completely possible … Read more

These Dijon-Roasted Brussels Sprouts Are the Only Vegetable I’ll Eat

published about 2 hours ago I do not like vegetables. Like, at all. (Except potatoes, but I’m told that doesn’t really count.) And when I was growing up, I especially hated Brussels sprouts. It didn’t help that they were always the vegetable that was dubbed “gross” or “the worst vegetable” on TV, in movies, in … Read more