New York City Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Asks Dems To Reject BLM Rhetoric – Deadline

Eric Adams, the mayor-elect for New York City, is calling on his fellow Democrats to reject a Black Lives Matter activist’s threats that there would be “riots and bloodshed” if plainclothes policing is reinstalled in the city. BLM activist Hawk Newsome made the threats during a meeting Wednesday with Adams, a former police officer who … Read more

Dems’ drug pricing dreams crash into reality in social spending tumult

Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said he hoped Democrats could still find a way to address rising prescription drug costs but acknowledged the power the industry has shown so far to prevent even modest changes. “Pharma is everywhere,” he told reporters Thursday. “They have got more lobbyists than anybody.” The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers … Read more

Dems Have Crazy New Plan to Fund Biden’s Infrastructure Bill: Make Billionaires Pay Their Fair Share

Which seems pretty reasonable, particularly to people who, for example, didn’t see their net worth double in the past year to $222 billion, as was the case for Elon Musk, who recently took to Twitter to taunt Jeff Bezos for only being worth roughly $194 billion, and thus the second richest person in the world. … Read more

Dems eye slimmed-down drug price deal to advance social spending bill

The pressure to reach an agreement that can pass the House and Senate has intensified with the failure to reach agreements on other revenue-raising provisions that can pay for new programs in the bill, including expansions of Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare subsidies and home health care. Efforts to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations, for … Read more

Insurers look to make Dems’ latest pay-for plan politically toxic

But even before lawmakers coalesce around a single proposal, lobbyists for the insurance industry are releasing television ads and dialing up allies in Congress, reinforcing how politically risky the cuts could be for Democrats, who hold slim majorities in both chambers and can ill afford to lose the senior vote. Doug Heye, a GOP strategist … Read more